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I'm a mom, wife, sister, friend, kayaker, youth group co-leader, and book-lover who has dedicated my 30-year career in the policy and nonprofit worlds to improving the lives of children through education. Now it is time to use that experience to be a voice for children and families in Maryland.

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Elementary school children

Improve Schools for All Students

Education is the very best investment we can make – for our kids’ future and for Maryland’s future. I will be a voice for equity, fairness and the allocation of resources our schools need so our children can succeed.

Protect the Environment

We must leave a clean environment – and a healthy Bay – for our children and grandchildren. I will do my part to make sure that Maryland is part of the solution to reduce greenhouse gases and to increase our preparedness for climate associated changes.

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Restore Trust in Government

Our country, our state and our county all deserve a government we can trust. And it is time that we work across the aisle to get results. As your public servant, I will put integrity, honesty and compassion to work for you every day.

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I guess it’s possible that Dr. Blasey put herself in a bad situation with a Brett Kavanaugh lookalike who was into rapey horseplay and being too drunk for accountability or maybe Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her and she’s risking her life to tell us.

Decades-long friend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford just said on CNN: “How is it that a woman who has been a victim of sexual assault can’t be on a jury for one sexual assault case, but a perpetrator of sexual assault can be a SCOTUS Justice who rules on ALL sexual assault cases?"

Yikes, sounds awful. Did you have to move out of your house and into hiding, too?

For months, I have been reporting on separated immigrant families and looking into kids who remain separated. Last month, I learned about a father who was separated from his 6-year-old daughter and then deported back to Honduras without her. They remain separated to this day.

To our elected representatives:
- rape is non-partisan
- sexual assault survivors are watching you
- our children are watching you.
Are you sure that rape is the hill you want to die on? 11/


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